Parks and Recreation

Otis Gordon Sports Park

New Restrooms at Otis Gordon Park

Otis Gordon Sports Park is one of the City of Duarte’s most popular and well-used parks. The five-acre park is used by senior citizens and adults for their softball leagues, and by the Recreation Department for the summer t-ball league and spring youth mini soccer. The sports park is also used by many outside groups including DYAC and the Hawks. The new restrooms installed in 2011 have proved to be a popular addition.

Andres Duarte Satellite Park

New Playground Equipment at Andres Duarte Park

The new Andres Duarte Satellite Park playground equipment installed in 2010 provides welcome outdoor play opportunities to children in the adjoining neighborhoods.

Lena Valenzuela Park

Lena Valenzuela Park

Lena Valenzuela Park opened in 2005 and provides needed recreation opportunities in south Duarte and honors the memory of a legendary Duarte volunteer and leader.

Encanto Park Improvements

The Encanto Park Nature Walk and Bioswale links Encanto Park with the San Gabriel River. These amenities are part of an emerging effort to reconnect our communities to the San Gabriel River through efforts such as the Emerald Necklace Project and work done by the Los Angeles and San Gabriel Mountains and Rivers Conservancy.

A bioswale naturally cleans water run-off helping to protect the quality of water entering our ocean while simultaneously enhancing the beauty and nature at Encanto Park. The trail on the east side of Encanto Park provides a walk and scenic view along the west side of the River with a scenic viewpoint adjacent to one of the spillways.

Royal Oaks Park Basketball Courts and Recreation Building

Among many park improvements recently completed in Duarte, the newly resurfaced basketball courts and renovated Recreation Building heighten community activities and fitness at Royal Oaks Park.

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